Winter Blues Gave Way to Crafty Fun!

It has been a rough winter you guys. When the first snowfall happened around the holidays, I loved it! The baby and I stayed cozy by the fire, and hubs worked from home. During his lunch breaks, we would bundle up, go outside and build snowmen, afterwards we would warm our butts by the fire and drink hot cocoa. It was like a magical winter wonderland. After the holidays the snow made it seem like a cold, baron wasteland. Getting wood for the fire became a chore, and we were all hot  cocoa’ed out. Lunch breaks were spent shoveling or snow blowing, and I was stuck with a little ball of energy inside. I don’t usually complain about the winter, but I will say this year I came close.

One aspect of being stuck inside that I can’t complain about is time to get some crafty projects done. After a year, I finally completed the Pinterest inspired wall that I wanted to do for the baby’s room. I have to say, I LOVE it. The pops of color really adds something to the room. He loves it too, and when he groggily wakes up in the morning he’ll just stare at it.

Below are some pictures of the finished product. A good friend of mine is an NJ based photographer and I hired her to do my son’s first year photo shoot. She had some ideas that would incorporate the new wall into some of the pictures! If you are interested in recreating this look, I purchased ALL of the materials at my local craft store. They are now very easy to find.






I have some recipes, updates and some announcements coming in the following weeks! I got all schmancy and made a editorial calendar! :o)


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