Oatmeal Medley for $.10 a serving!

I know its June. when you are getting into your car at 8:00 AM to head for work and it’s already 80 degrees out, you might not be thinking to yourself ‘mmmm… I could go for a nice piping hot bowl of oatmeal right now,’  or if you are like my husband, that is EXACTLY what you are thinking.

You see, he is a creature of habit. That coupled by the fact that he was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol, he has been making quite the effort to eat better. He read that oatmeal helps to reduce cholesterol so we started buying a lot of it. I started by making a batch of steel cut oats every few days, and portioning it out. He didn’t like that (he is a picky creature of habit) so, he started buying a store brand frozen version of steal cut oats – 5 min in the microwave, and it’s done! That was getting expensive. So, he switched to buying boxes with the various packets of flavored instant oats. He was happy with that for a while, until he saw an even fancier version with a ‘medley’ of instant oats, nuts, and dried fruit all in a convenient single serve cup. These came at an almost $2 per serving. I tried buying him generic brand versions of this ‘medley’, as well as a similar product (albeit not as fancy) from the same company. He wasn’t happy with any of it. During this process we literally tried ALL of the oatmeal, and we didn’t find something that would satisfy his taste buds, and my budget. So, I set out to make my own version that we would both be happy with, and I pretty much nailed it on my first attempt!

Below is a recipe for my own Oatmeal ‘Medley’. This version costs right around $.10 per serving. Keep in mind that this is an estimate, and it’s based on prices in my area, and the brands that I buy. You can also get creative, and add/subtract anything you want. This recipe is extremely flexible. I think that next time, I will halve this recipe and make two different kinds so hubby doesn’t get bored. Anyway, this took about 10 min, and saved me $14.30 a week!

Quick Oats – 42 OZ Can

Craisins –  3 Cups

Walnuts – 8 OZ Package

Dehydrated Apple pieces (I own a dehydrator and did my own)  – 5 Cups

Brown Sugar – 2 Cups

Cinnamon 1 –TBL (Optional)

Mix all ingredients in large bowl. You can either store it all in a large airtight container, or portion out in Ziploc bags. This recipe makes approx. 140 ½ cup servings.

To make the cereal, mix 1 cup boiling water with ½ cup of oats. Let sit for 5 min.


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