Oh hey there…

There is a pattern emerging here… I know. I am committing the two mortal sins of blogging: 1. crappy pictures, and 2. I am inconsistent. I am trying to do better. I keep getting distracted. I’m sorry!

This brings me to a few things I would like to discuss… first and foremost, I am still cooking, experimenting and learning. I am not writing about it, but I am posting about it. Please take the time to follow alifelessbordinary on Facebook and Instagram. I post there often.

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Secondly, I freaking made maple syrup! I tapped a tree, boiled the sap, and as my 4 year old would say, “bing bang boom” I had maple syrup. I plan to get more in depth about this at another time. I will say for now that it’s not scary, it’s not hard, and it’s also not all that rewarding unless you have A LOT of sap. It is rewarding in the sense of feeling accomplished. I highly recommend trying it.

Third, I have a secret… one of the reasons why I haven’t posted in a while is because I have been working on something else. I will hopefully be able to announce what my secret is later this week.

Stay tuned by following me on social media! I am super excited!