‘Sam Likes Jam’ Updates

Hi all!

It’s been a whirlwind since I’ve published ‘Sam Likes Jam’ earlier this month. The support from family, friends, & friend’s of friends has been overwhelming. My heart explodes each time I see a picture of a little one holding my book. So, THANK YOU  and please keep those pictures coming!

I just wanted everyone to know that I’ve expanded distribution a bit, and the book is available in more formats. As of yesterday, the book is now available on Kindle. If you purchase the paperback version of the book, you can also purchase it on Kindle version for only $.99 extra.

In addition, I’ve also made the book available in printable format (for purchase) on Teacherspayteachers.com. The free coloring page is included, and a sequencing worksheet as available for an additional $.99.

In other exciting news, The Station coffee house in Merchantville, NJ is also now carrying my book! They will be hosting a children’s story hour in the near future and yours truly will be reading ‘Sam Likes Jam’ to a group of little ones! I am beyond excited and will be keeping you informed of all the details.

Below are the links to all of the places to buy. Until next time!



The BIG announcement!

If you’ve been following my blog/Instagram/Facebook you’ll remember that I said that I had a BIG announcement. Announcement day is finally here! After a long year hard work, I finally did it.  I achieved a long-held goal of mine and I could not be more excited to share with everyone! I’ve been keeping this secret from my friends and family for a YEAR!!! If you know me, you know how hard that is.

Anyway, back to the announcement…

As you know, I want to try to make each day special and out of the ‘bordinary.’ Now that I have two boys, I strive even harder to attain that goal. When you get caught up in the boring routines of daily life two things happen 1. Life goes by way too quickly. & 2. You don’t make as many memories as you can be.  I am not talking about anything grand here. Something as simple as setting aside a bit of time to either cook or read with your child can create memories that last a lifetime. One of my fondest childhood memories was standing on a chair next to my grandmother making meatballs, or baking Christmas cookies each year as a family. So I try to continue that tradition with my boys.

One day last year, I was picking up the playroom for the millionth time that day and I allowed myself to drift off into thought. I started thinking about jam. I don’t know why. Maybe I was wiping jam off of something. That isn’t really a rare occurrence in our house. Anyway, I started thinking about jam, and my boys and a little story started forming in my head. I started to imagine that story with images, and once it was in there I needed to get it out. I raced to my computer, typed out the story, and little by little started making plans. Those plans turned into pages, and those pages finally became a book.

That’s right. I wrote a children’s picture book. Not only did I write a children’s picture book, I co-illustrated and PUBLISHED the book all on my own. That book is available for purchase TODAY on amazon.com. It also features a recipe for strawberry jam from oldworldgardenfarms.com that you can easily make with your little ones.

I am so extremely excited to share this news with you.

You can buy the book here: ‘Sam Likes Jam’

You can learn more about my upcoming titles here: NikiMorris.com


Til next time! ❤