Dark chocolate wishes and dairy free dreams…

There is this ice cream place in our town that sells artisanal ice cream. The shop boasts flavors such as lavender mascarpone, blood orange sorbet, and DARK chocolate ice cream. Their ice cream is one of my guilty pleasures. I say guilty pleasure because, 1. it’s so dang expensive (but worth every penny) and 2. it’s so very rich. I usually order the dark chocolate ice cream, but my friend turned me on to their dark chocolate sorbet. I gotta tell you, I wasn’t sure at first, but one taste made me a believer! Would you believe that sorbet could be creamy? It IS!

I have been craving the stuff big time, but time, weather, money, and the fact that it’s freaking February have all prevented me from stopping in to get some
. The craving got so bad that I decided to dust off the ole ice cream maker, and take her for a spin!

The following recipe isn’t quite sorbet. It’s actually ice cream.. kinda.. I had some coconut creamer that I wanted to use up so I substituted water with coconut milk.

This recipe was adapted from David Lebovitz’s Chocolate Sorbet on Food52.com.

2 1/4 cups Coconut milk

¼ cup  dark agave

3/4 cup unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder (I used Hershey Special Dark)

6 oz semisweet chocolate chips (make sure package says dairy free)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean paste

1.In a saucepan on medium, heat half of the coconut milk, coco powder and agave whisking constantly.

  1. Once the mixture reaches a slow boil, remove from heat and add the vanilla bean paste, chocolate chips, and stir until chocolate has melted.
  2. Incorporate the remaining coconut milk and chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.
  3. Once the mixture is completely chilled, use an immersion blender to make sure all lumps are smoothed out. Then make the ice cream according to your machine’s instructions.

I keep meaning to take a picture of the finished product, but I keep eating it. ***edit: I was finally able to control myself enough to nab a picture this morning! ***

Here is the mixture in the sauce pan.

And here is the mixture once it’s done chilling:

Until next week!